App Privacy Policy


This page is to provide our Privacy Policy to our users. Our apps collect little to no data on our users, so our Privacy Policy is a simple one. We are committed to protecting what little data that we do collect. By using our apps, you agree to the use of the data that we collect in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

No Personal Information

As you can see in the app, the app does not request or collect any personal information from the user. There is no account to create and no registration needed. The app does not even ask for your name or the country in which you live. All financial transactions, including the purchase of the app and/or any in-app purchases, are handled through the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store, so we do not see, handle, or have access to any your financial information.


The app you are using allows you to have (pre-recorded) video calls with a fictional character, and allows you to record those calls, to keep as a memory with your family. In order to create the calls, make the recordings, and save the recordings on your device, the app asks for the standard permissions to access your device's microphone, camera, and photo gallery. Any recordings are saved on your device, and your device alone. We do not have any access to the recordings or any access to your camera or microphone or photos. The app will only access your camera, microphone, or photos when you are specifically telling it to by using the app.


Through analytics programs, such as Flurry and Firebase, the apps do collect aggregate usage information for the apps - things like total downloads for the month, or which calls are being used more than others in total. The analytics information does not contain any information on individual users, so we have no access to your or any other user's usage habits or specific information. We only know what all our users are doing as a whole, so that we can better serve our entire user base and understand how many people our enjoying our products.

Help Emails

Any help emails sent to us through the app will work like all other regular emails you send and receive. We will see the emails, and you will see our responses. The emails we receive remain on our email server like all our other emails, but we never use, aggregate, share, or sell any of the emails or email addresses that contact us. We only respond to your emails with technical support and other similar information, strictly for your use, strictly regarding our apps.

Disclosing Information

We do not disclose any personal information obtained from this application to third parties. We may from time to time provide analytics information of a general nature to third parties - for example, the number of individuals using our application - but we will not use any information that could identify any those individuals.

Contacting Us

If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy, please email us at